Conference Topics

  • Overview of the Romanian Healthcare, Medical Research and Educational System
  • The status of medicine care in the United States: what do we measure, what are we investing in, what do we really care about;
  • What makes for a great healthcare system – Prevention, Treatment, Recovery
  • What makes for a great American Hospital - a view from within

  • Telemedicine – Reaching out to an entire country and some of the best doctors in the world
  • Second Opinion - the future of medicine available now  
  • Healthcare Research – the key to medical improvement and cure Innovations and solutions for Healthcare: Romanian IT Companies
  • The public hospitals network in Bucharest: strengths, challenges and remedies
  • The value of interventional medicine
  • Pharma Companies
  • Oncology present and future: The role of genetic medicine in cancer prevention, detection and treatment
  • Diabetes and Podiatry – The illness that kills most Romanians, the science that saves millions of lives and limbs
  • Cardiology – Saving lives, Prolonging life / a heart to heart presentation and debate about saving lives
  • Transplants
  • Oncology – The latest and greatest ways to cure cancer
  • Innovations in Occupational Medicine the best and the brightest Romanian IT companies offer revolutionary products and services for healthcare and humanity
  • Prevention Medicine in Romania - a National Priority for All

Conference Fees

€ 360/ $425  - General Attendee/ Participant 

€ 210/ $345 - RABC Member (Physician)

€ 160/ $190 -  MD Residents/ Reg. Nurse (credentials mandatory)

The conference includes participation to the entire two-days of the Forum, 

lunch and coffee breaks, as well as attendance to the Awards Dinner Gala.