Conference Topics


Overview of the Romanian Healthcare, Medical Research and Educational System


The status of medicine care in the United States: what do we measure, what are we investing in, what do we really care about?

What makes for a great healthcare system – Prevention, Treatment, Recovery 

What makes for a great American Hospital – a view from within

The public hospitals network in Bucharest: strengths, challenges and remedies

The value of interventional medicine

 Oncology present and future: The role of genetic medicine in cancer prevention, detection and treatment 

Diabetes and Podiatry – The illness that kills most Romanians, the science that saves millions of lives and limbs 

Innovations and solutions for Healthcare: Romanian IT Companies

The role of tele-medicine in national and international health.

Bridges of Collaboration in Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology between US and Romania 

· Cardiology 

· Transplants 

· Oncology 

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